America's Best Wings Dallas

Food lovers rejoice! We’ve discovered some of the America’s Best Wings Dallas. From classic Buffalo-style to creative concoctions topped with everything from Asian sweet chili sauce to Cotija cheese and chili lime powder. With freshly made sauces, high quality ingredients, and locally sourced produce when possible. These truly are some of the best tasting wings around.

A renowned establishment that has gained a reputation for serving delectable wings that satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. With its diverse menu options and exceptional service. America’s Best Wings Dallas has become the go-to destination for wing lovers, both locals and visitors alike. From the first bite to the last, you’ll discover why this establishment stands out as a true gem among restaurants in the area.

Wing Flavors

If you’re searching for a restaurant that offers a variety of delectable wing flavors. Look no further than America’s Best Wings in Dallas. With a vast selection of options to choose from, including Buffalo and BBQ, as well as unique blends like Honey Old Bay and Garlic Parmesan, there is truly something for everyone.

Additionally, the chain offers a range of spiciness levels to accommodate those who prefer a milder taste or those who crave an extra kick. Satisfy your cravings for some delicious wings and visit America’s Best Wings in Dallas today.

Menu Item

When it comes to delicious wings, America’s Best Wings in Dallas knows how to satisfy. Not only are their wings mouthwatering and crispy. But they also offer a vast selection of menu items to accompany them. From classic appetizers like mozzarella sticks and loaded fries to substantial main courses like burgers, sandwiches, and salads, their menu has something for everyone.

But what truly sets them apart is their selection of dipping sauces that perfectly complement their wings. So, whether you’re in the mood for wings or something more substantial, America’s Best Wings in Dallas has got you covered.


Customer Service and Dining Experience

Located in Dallas, America’s Best Wings is committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences and unmatched customer service. The welcoming, casual ambiance of the restaurant makes it a great spot for solo diners or a group of friends or family.

Their main priority is to provide guests with a memorable visit, striving to surpass their expectations every time. The staff members are always ready to assist with any request, making sure that each guest feels valued and satisfied with their experience. At America’s Best Wings in Dallas, you are guaranteed to be treated like royalty from the moment you step inside.

Address & Phone Number

Branch 1

Address: 4333 Gannon Ln #113, Dallas, TX 75237, United States

Phone: +1 972-913-4888

Opening Hours

Monday11 am–9 pm
Tuesday11 am–9 pm
Wednesday11 am–9 pm
Thursday11 am–9 pm
Friday11 am–9 pm
Saturday11 am–9 pm
Sunday11 am–8:30 pm

Branch 2

Address: 655 W Illinois Ave #729, Dallas, TX 75224, United States

Phone: +1 972-707-7311

Opening Hours :

Monday11 am–9 pm
Tuesday11 am–9 pm
Wednesday11 am–9 pm
Thursday11 am–9 pm
Friday11 am–10 pm
Saturday11 am–9 pm
Sunday11 am–9 pm

Branch 3

Address: 3628 Frankford Rd #290, Dallas, TX 75287, United States

Phone: +1 972-810-0303

Opening Hours :

Monday11 am–10 pm
Tuesday11 am–10 pm
Wednesday11 am–10 pm
Thursday11 am–10 pm
Friday11 am–11 pm
Saturday11 am–11 pm
Sunday11 am–9 pm

Does America’s Best Wings Dallas Offer Vegetarian Options?

America’s Best Wings Dallas is a popular destination for those seeking some of the tastiest wings in town, but did you know they also offer vegetarian options? From delicious veggie burgers to refreshing salads and sides, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Whether you’re a lifelong vegetarian or just looking to try something new. You won’t have to sacrifice taste or quality when dining at America’s Best Wings Dallas. And with their professional service and inviting atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a satisfying meal.


With the tantalizing flavors of America’s Best Wings Dallas. From classic flavors with a unique twist to signature sauces that add an extra layer of flavor, the menu options are sure to exceed expectations. Customers can expect not only quality wings but also outstanding customer service that completes the perfect dining experience.

The delectable combination of premium ingredients and impressive sauces will have you coming back time and time again. Get ready to embark on a flavor filled journey that is sure to leave your taste buds begging for more.

Ultimately, America’s Best Wings in Dallas is a must-try for any wings connoisseur. The variety of flavors, creative sauces, and fresh ingredients make this spot a solid option for wing lovers. They have taken traditional wings and added their own unique spin on them to give customers an unforgettable experience. Not only that, but the atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

In addition, the spacious dining area ensures you can have a nice dinner here even when the place is crowded. All in all, it’s worth giving this spot a visit when looking for some legendary wings in Dallas. Bon Appetit!

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